environmental themes

eco action themes

Our list of environmental themes just keeps growing! So we thought it would be useful to great a handy short guide to what our various eco themes contain in terms of their content and applicability to different audiences. So read on for our quick guide to our eco action themes:

home eco actions

The original of our environmental themes, created back in 2011. This theme covers a range of environmentally friendly actions suitable for home life. In the home (previously known as ‘everyday’) theme we cover: insulation, heating, renewable techs, transport, behavioural actions, purchasing high efficiency appliances, waste & recycling and water saving actions.  This theme is most suitable for adults who own their own homes and hence have the possibility to change and upgrade.

Available in:  toppers; bingo; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right; twist; trumps App and Higher Lower online game

free & easy (behavioural) actions

This theme was put together to satisfy the our growing audience of children and university & college students who wanted a theme that catered more for people wh did not own their own homes and did not have the ability to do some of the more ‘heavy duty’ actions that our original theme suggested.  Hence ‘free & easy’ was born.  This theme covers simple, typically totally free to do, habitual eco actions that most people can do regardless or age, ability or tenure. Covering energy efficiency, water saving, waste & recycling, active travel and more.

Available in:  toppers; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right; twist and Higher Lower

office actions

Created for our growing commercial & corporate audiences. This theme is devoted to how office workers can make a positive difference to the workplace.  Generally these consist of behavioural actions such as turning of equipment and lights, not printing out unnecessarily, making sure water using appliances are working efficiently, reducing carbon intensive travel where possible and using the stairs rather than lift and other simple daily habits that can make a difference. Suitable for any office based organisation or company big or small.

Available in:  toppers; bingo; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right and Higher Lower

water saving actions

Does exactly what it says on the tin! Devoted to all things water saving.  A popular product for our water company clients – natch! We explore both water efficiency – that’s saving it and not wasting any, as well as water quality issues – not using your toilet as a bin, not tipping fats, oils and grease down the drain, that kind of thing. Suitable for anyone who consumes water!

Available in:  toppers; bingo; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right; twist and Higher Lower

energy saving actions

Again, does what it says on the tin. This time we have energy efficiency in our sights.  Mostly things you can do at home to save energy and hence money on you fuel bills.  From small things like switching off standby and turning your router off, to the more impactful actions that ctake a little more time, investment and effort, such as upgrading your heating systems or installing insulation. Suitable for anyone who uses energy, and very suitable for anyone who pays an energy bill!

Available in:  toppers; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right and Higher Lower

waste & recycling actions

Our waste reduction environmental themes tackles the issue of waste from all angles of the waste hierarchy.  We explore the best option ofor waste – the elimination of its creation in the first place, through waste reduction options, upcycling open & closed loop recycling all the way through to where, in limited instances, it is better to bin than dispose in other ways. Suitable for anyone who creates waste through their actions at home or work.

Available in:  toppers; bingo; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right; twist and Higher Lower

food waste actions

Created in response to the demand for more help and information to help people reduce their food waste, we have created our games in a dedicated avoidable food waste theme.  We touch on reduced packaging and other waste reducing actions too. Suitable for anyone who eats food!

Available in:  toppers; bingo; snakes+ladders; play your eco cards right; twist and Higher Lower (waste amounts, carbon footprint and waster footprint versions)

eco parenting actions

Its an inconvenient truth that having a western child is one of the most carbon intensive activities you can indulge in. so we thought it might be useful to create our trumps (toppers) game in a eco parenting theme, to help parents-to-be and growing families to reduce their carbon footprint. Suitable for parents.

Available in:  toppers

air quality & travel actions

Our latest environmental themes, currently in production. Air quality and local pollution hot spots are a hot topic at the moment, so we have risen to the challenge and produced an air quality eco action snakes & ladders game to help get the messages across that there is lots that can be done by each and every one of us that can help to be part of the solution not the problem.

Available in:  snakes+ladders