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eco action fun & gamers – the team

Meet the team. We couldn’t have achieved all we have in the last few years without the tireless dedication of our eco action team. Here is some vital intel about the people behind the fun:

Paula Owen – Co-founder & Chief Fun Officer
Paula has always been a fan of games; board games, card games, anything but physical games – she always managed to bunk off PE at school. A lifelong environmental campaigner and passionate about eco living, one day a lightbulb (LED of course) went off in her head and she decided to put the two passions together – and eco action games was born. Together with Tracy – our creative guru – they started to develop, or re-invent to be more precise, favourite games from their childhood and turned them into ‘weapons of mass behaviour change’. Paula intends to play her way to a sustainable future, and bring the rest of society along with her for the ride. Resistance is useless!

Tracy Avison – Co-founder & Creative Mastermind
As a branding and communication expert, Tracy has a passion for ideas and creativity, and loves a challenge. Teaming up with Paula, an eco expert, how could they use their combined passions to help save the planet? Now that’s a brief. The solution – change people’s behaviours in an engaging, educational, and fun way through games. A woman of diverse talents and a northern lass, Tracy is infamous for her love of, and expertise on, whippets and ferrets;  so if you have any burning questions on either of these lovely creatures – ask Tracy. Or, alternatively, she can knock you up a wicked identity and we are not talking fake passports here! Her prowess in creating brands is legendary.

Jamie Beevor – Web Maestro & Digital Data Geek
Data genius by day, a talented web creator by night, and an apple fancier on weekends.  Jamie is a man of multiple talents, although he is way too modest to say so himself. As well as being whizz with spreadsheets he can also turn a mean table – in his spare time he DJs planet friendly tracks at festivals, weddings, barmitzvas and any other occasion you may require some grooving.  He is also of no fixed abode! But by that we mean he lives on a rather lovely barge on the London canals. Whenever we need him we have to flash the eco action games spotlight into the night sky and he appears as if by magic (but he keeps his pants on the inside, mercifully!).

The Prof – Maths Professor by day, fun & gamer by night, weekends, highdays and holidays
The Prof is rather shy, so he remains a man of mystery, but you will often find him with a giant dice in his hands at our playground events, marshalling the players on the giant eco action snakes + ladders – desperately trying to interest them in the Fermat’s last theorem. He doesn’t often succeed, but you can bet he gets people to put lids on their pans when they are boiling their veggies after a few rounds with him!

And not forgetting our eco action fun & game part-timers:

Jonny ‘the velvety tongued’ Condon
Jonny is our chief ‘play your eco cards right’ compere.  He has a few delusions of actually being ‘Brucie’, but is half is age and twice as handsome. You haven’t lived until you have shared a pack of cards or two with ‘our Jonny’, his infamous Irish charm will leave you defenceless against his ‘Green Arts’.

Ross ‘Bingo’ Mitchell
Yes, that is his actual middle name, he often wondered why his parents called him that, but now it is clear that he has found his calling – quite literally – as our eco action bingo caller extraordinaire! Ross is never more at home than when he is pulling his balls out of a bag and shouting out ‘a leaky tap is quick to fix, its number six’.

John ‘the snapper’ Duffy
John is our resident photographer, and is never seen without his protuberance in his hand. He has captured some of our most iconic pictures of the games in action – he has even snapped a mermaid on the eco action twist board! But we still can’t quite forgive him for missing the photo opp of a lifetime, a blue-haired Mohican playing giant eco action trumps at the Natural History Museum – he can never live that down.

Mikki Davies

Words cannot adequately describe him, he has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. Come along to one of our events and you will see what we mean.

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