upcoming Events

Check out our diary for upcoming eco action playground events over the next few months, generally they are free to attend, most of them are open to the public

July 2016

 eco action games @ the Lambeth Country Show 16/17 July 2016

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For the second year running we are setting up our giant eco action playground in the ‘eco zone’ of the Lambeth Country Show – the biggest free outdoor festival in Europe no less! It takes place in Brockwell Park in south London, and there is fun for all the family, young and old.  We will be unveiling our new theme ‘food waste’ as well as an array of our old favourites.  So do come and join us for a hour or so of fun in the sun. More information about the location and what else is on can be found here.

August 2016

 eco action games @ World Water Week, Stockholm, 28th Aug – 1st September

We are really pleased to be back at the international conference and expo all about water conservation and quality that takes place every year in Stockholm, Sweden. We are back through the generosity of our sponsor Arup and will be giving talks, popping up our playground, exhibiting our wares and also hopefully running an online water game tournament for all delegates. If you are visiting please do call by and say hello.  More info about World Water Week here

September 2016

 eco action games @ the Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference, Brighton, 19th September

And again, for a second year running, we are popping up a palyground at the Lib Dems conference down in sunny Brighton in September. For one day only you will be able to experience our online and offline games as part of their exhibition area.  Do drop in and say hello.

October 2016

 eco action games @ Fun Palaces, Brockwell Park Lido, 9th October 

For the 3rd year running we are back at the edge of Brockwell Park lido to be part of the fabulous Fun Palaces event.  Totally free to come along, and there will be lots going on around the sides of the lido itself, and in it too. Moe info on Fun Palaces here

November 2016

 eco action games @ The Eden Projects’ Festival of Hope Sustainability event, 27 November

For the first time we will be giving a talk, popping up a playground and exhibiting our games at the 2nd Festival of Hope down at the fabulous Eden Project. Come and play!   More info here.

new and upcoming game products

We are always working on new games and themes here at eco trump towers and here we give you a sneak preview of the new products we have in the pipeline

eco action trumps

We have two new themes of our ever popular eco action trumps product.

  • The waste & recycling  eco action trumps pack is available for purchase from our shop here.
  • The new food waste trumps pack is  available from the summer 2016

eco action snakes + ladders – travel & air quality

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of our 7th new snakes + ladders theme – our take on the fight for cleaner air. We have created our iconic eco action snakes + ladders board in an air quality theme to push the all important messages around urban air quality and the importance of eco driving and more active forms of transport.  Available to purchase in giant (2.4m2) version as well as table top edition.

eco action playgrounds – waste & recycling and food waste

We are also very happy to announce both our waste & recycling and food waste themed playgrounds are also now ready to order.  In this giant compendium pack  you will find all of the following games in the waste & recycling or food waste theme:

  •  giant (2.4m2) snakes & ladders
  • giant (1.8m2) eco action twist
  • Giant play your eco cards right
  • Giant eco action trumps
  • Eco action bingo
  • 5 x standard eco action trumps
  • 5 x standard snakes & ladders

All for the introductory price of £550 (RRP of individual producs is over £600) ex VAT & delivery

eco action higher? lower?

We have also recently launched our latest online game.  A version of our ‘play your eco cards right’ game it has been designed with in-house, corporate league tables in mind. We have developed it as a fun, interactive tool that businesses can incorporate into their intranets and use to deepen and extend their staff engagement activities over a period of time.  Staff play individually, testing their knowledge of eco actions in the workplace, but they also are in teams, and their individual scores are added to their team’s cumulative score on the in-house leader board which can be personalised to suit the organisation. View here for more information

Upcoming new reports

In 2015, we launched our biggest research evaluation yet. The publication reports on the evaluation of our pilot Thames water schools water efficiency and education project that was carried out in 20 schools, 15 primary and 5 secondary, in the south London area in the 2014/15 school year.

School Water Efficiency Schools Programme 2014/15 evaluation report

Concentrating primarily on a quantitative study of the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of children from the ages of 6 to 11 and their families, both before and after the project took place in their school, we have some fascinating insights into the understanding of schoolchildren regarding water and its use.

We surveyed over 1500 children and over 500 families about their attitudes towards water and water saving, making this one of the biggest studies into water attitudes and awareness in the UK to date. We then received feedback from over 350 children and 150 families, after the project had run in their school, for the post-project evaluation.

Our sample of secondary school student was lower, at less than 100, so these findings can be only taken as indicative at this point, but they still have shown some interesting trends and give us much encouragement as to the usefulnees of a games-centric approach to teaching eco issues to teenagers, always a tricky sell. Secondary schools evaluation will be the focus of our second programme for Thames in 2015/16.

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