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Global Goal games to help understand the Sustainable Development Goals SDG

Global Goal Games

We are delighted to present our suite of educational Global Goal Games 

We have created 3 educational, & fun, serious global goal games that help employees, clients & communities groups understand what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are, and how they relate to people’s lives at work and home.  In brief, our games:

  • familiarise players with the full range of Global Goals
  • help players understand & make the connections between the Goals
  • increase understanding as to what type of targets need to be met to achieve the Goals
  • make links between the Global Goals,their targets and actions at work – through our associated SDG training course, click HERE to find out more
  • show how achieving the Goals are relevant to your business through incorporating them into your business KPIs – through our associated  SDG training course, click HERE to find out more

The Global Goal compendium works as a complete learning module & includes:

  •  Happy SDG families – explores the full range of Goals & their associated targets
  •  SDG Connections game – helps understand interconnectivities between the Goals and their Targets

Happy families & Connections come as a 2-in-1 game complete with a pack of 64 A5 playing cards, 5 instruction cards and a tabletop playing mat all housed in a recycled card box  – RRP £85 (ex VAT & £10 registered delivery)

  •  Global Goal bingo – increases familiarisation of Targets & Goals

SDG bingo comes as a A4 sized caller’s card, 15 A5 sized bingo cards,  an explanatory leaflet that explains more about the goals themselves as well as the rules of the game, bingo covers, bingo balls and a ball bag, all contained in an unbleached organic cotton bag  – RRP £20 (ex VAT & £5  registered delivery)

  •  Global Goal giant Snakes + Ladders -helps understanding of the  Goals

SDG giant Snakes + Ladders comes as a 2.4m x 2.4 m floor mat. It has 20 learning points on the game, and helps people identify the Goals. It is made from 100% recyclable PVC and comes complete with a giant inflatable dice.   – RRP £299 (ex VAT & £20 registered delivery)

  •  Global Goal Twist – tests players knowledge of the Goals, as well as flexibility! (Coming soon)

Existing customers will be familiar with our famous eco action twist game. Well, we have created a version of it that tests players knowledge of the goals by making them guess which descriptions, read out by the spinmaster referee, relate to which SDG on the floor mat. The games consists of a 2m x 2m square floor mat & a spinner board – RRP £199 (ex VAT & £10 registered delivery)

SPECIAL OFFER: The GGG compendium set,  the boxed set of cards plus the bingo game, all housed in an unbleached cardboard box costs £95 (ex VAT & registered delivery of £10), a saving of £10 on the individual games.

Buy the games individually or as a complete set. Contact us HERE to buy

For further information on our employee training workshops & bespoke sessions, click HERE to find out more

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