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eco action higher lower online tournament game

eco action higher lower

eco action higher lower – introducing our online tournament style game, perfect for companies to help with staff engagement activities and to promote a wider engagement across the organisation on environmental issues.

So how does it work? We create an eco action higher lower tournament game specific to the client, the company has its logo on the back of each card and on the leader board screens.  We also set up the competition with the team names decided upon by the client.  The leader boards are then created with both individual player effort, as well as the teams, recognised.

The eco theme(s), we have eight themes currently available, to be played are selected and the tournament begins.  It can last 1 day, a week, 2 weeks, a month or longer. Clients can pick one, or multiple, themes, the whole company plays the same theme at the same time, which could change daily or weekly, depending on the tournament length.

Players test their own knowledge and play to score points that go towards their own individual leaderboard position, but they are also playing for their team, so all points scored are also added to their team’s cumulative score.  At the end of the tournament the top three winning teams, and top three individual players, are revealed and the prizes awarded.

View our video of how the game works:


If you are interested learning more &/or in an online demo of the game then please do get in touch here.

 Download the higher lower game brochure here: EAG_Higher_Lower_brochure_main

Our link up with top rainforest protection charity Cool Earth

eco action higher lower

We have teamed up with Cool Earth, more info about them here, to provide even more incentive to play our game. If you plump for the charity partnership option, we will set up the tournament for your company as normal, but you would have the added bonus of playing to save actual chunks of rainforest. Each point scored by your staff, will, at the end of the tournament, be totted up and converted into an equivalent acreage of rainforest which the company then pays Cool Earth to protect on your company’s behalf. It’s a win-win-win situation.  you get more engaged staff, the staff learn and adopt more eco actions in their work and/or home lives, and every point their score gets turned into protected rainforest!

Also, as an added bonus, if you do decide to take up the charity partnership we will give you a discount on the cost of running the tournament.  So you cannot lose really? What are you waiting for? We are ready and waiting to answer your queries and demo our game for you.

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