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Universities and colleges are one of our most popular market sectors for both sale of our games and facilitation of our ‘eco action playground’ event services is the further/higher educational sector.

Our most popular product lines are the giant floor games, which are co-branded with the university’s logo, followed by the pocket sized eco action toppers game that are given away at events and Freshers’ Fayres.

Our higher educational client include:

What they say about us:

“…the eco action trumps have gone down a storm! The students loved them during Freshers’ Week; the international students had never heard of top trumps but they really liked them. Our Tyndall Centre for Climate Change had a lunchtime game with them which went on for hours and then lead to an academic debate on behaviour change. Our Museum asked for several packets for their post-16 classes. I’ve just had someone from Chemical Engineering ring me who is doing some outreach work with children and wanted some. We gave a packet to all of our sustainability champions as well and I thought they were going to start fighting for them!  So children to professors think they’re great and it has sparked a lot of interest in what we do. Thanks for coming up with the idea!”

Sustainability Manager, University of Manchester

“Our eco action games made their first appearance at our annual employee Big Green Week and since then we haven’t really put them away! Students and staff have all commented on how much they have enjoyed playing the games but more importantly how much they have learnt by doing so. One student, when falling down a giant snake due to ‘not putting a lid on his saucepan’, vowed to never cook without them again! We have also found the games to be great ice-breaker at our events, bringing together students and staff and facilitating some good conversation around greener living. Thanks eco-action for the fun, facts, laughter and learning!”

Engagement Coordinator, Unite Students

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