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eco action heroes card gameDo you have an eco action hero product or service?

 – would you like to be part of a innovative new collaborative marketing initiative that will reach up to 30,000 new potential customers?

Then read on…..

eco action heroes – we are launching a brand new concept for eco minded companies that produce products or services that provide solutions to society’s environmental issues.

Whether you have a product that does away with one-use plastic packaging, provides an alternative to private car use, produces energy efficient appliances, or gadgets that last and can be easily disassembled, we would like to hear from you.

We are proud to announce we are producing our very first ‘eco action heroes’ toppers card game. And are offering companies the chance to place their product in the pack among other, like-minded, problem-solving eco hero products.

Open to up to just 30 companies in the first instance, here’s the offer:

  • Your product displayed and name-checked on the designated eco action heroes topper card
  • 1000 packs of the cards with your company logo on the front of the pack cover as well as your product illustration
  • The multiplier effect of your card being part of a wider distribution network of all the sponsoring companies. This will be anything from over 10,000 to 30,000 packs.  Distributed to potential new ‘eco minded’ customers of your product
  • Retention of sponsorship of that card for 12 months – so every time the deck is printed within that timescale your product will be featured in the pack
  • First refusal on retaining sponsorship of the card for a further 12 months
  • A blog post, written jointly with eco action games, which highlights the eco problem that your product or service helps to solve

This  introductory package is on offer for £5,000 (ex Vat). This provides excellent value for money when compared to a set of 1000 personalised standard packs, printed with the client logo on the pack, which would cost £3,500 (ex vat)

Available extras:

The above is our standard offering, but you can add to this package with the following extras:

  • Extra packs of cards, ordered at the time of the original print run can be secured at a special price of £500 (ex vat) per extra 250 packs. Coming in at just £2.00 per pack
  • Opportunity to order packs of the giant version (A4) of the eco action heroes game (minimum quantity of 10 packs applies) with your branding applied to backs of all picture cards  for a special price of £50 per pack (ex vat), usual RRP £75
  • An extra word card can be created where you can talk about your company’s and/or the product’s environmental credentials in more detail. This would cost £500 (ex Vat), for the creation and design and addition to the pack.
  • Sponsoring more than one of the cards in the pack. This would come with a discount per extra card sponsored. For example, every extra sponsored card would come in at £3,500 per extra, plus we would create the word card free of charge in this case and supply you with 1000 packs for each card sponsored

Here is a sample of the eco friendly products and/or services we would like to feature in our first pack, but hurry once they are snapped up that will be it for a year!  Contact us here for a friendly chat about whether your product/service is worthy of the title ‘eco action hero’ and a place in our pack.

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