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Here are a few of recent projects, programmes and events for our clients, as well as some of the pro bono work we do as part of our social mission.


Vehicle Idling Action Campaign 

Supported by the Mayor of London, and coordinated throughout 12 London boroughs, the Vehicle Action Idling project is an education and behaviour change campaign aiming to change motorists behaviour to prevent unnecessary, polluting idling in London. together with our sister company Green Gumption and partners Project Dirt and Cool World Consulting, we created the brand and the marketing collateral for the campaign in particular we created a bespoke giant snakes and ladders game for the proejct that focused on idling and other simple air quality actions that people can adopt to help clear our air.  We also created the mini version of the game and made it dual purpose in that we used the back of the game to convey important messages and myth-busters around engine idling.

The campaign will run for 6 months, from October 2016 to March 2017, and will entail running an idling action event in each of the boroughs each month.  Trained volunteers will go out on these days and engage with pedestrians and motorists to inform them about the perils of idling and ask then either to switch off there and then, or if they arent idling at the time, to pledge never to idle in the future. We reward them with the mini game, car stickers and leaflets about the campaign.



World Water Week Conference Arup Sponsorship 2015 & 2016

We were very lucky to get our presence at the Stockholm International Water Institute’s (SIWI) World Water Week conference sponsored by our client Arup two years running both in 2015 and 2016.  We took our water themed playground to Sweden to pop up a watery eco action playground for the whole week of the conference.  Arup’s sponsorship allowed us to produce jointly branded products that have Arup’s, as well as SIWI’s, logos on the giant snakes + ladders and the eco action twist game. We also printed a large quantity of our pocket sized eco action water trumps game to give out to delegates who visit our playground and world’s water press who attend the conference.  That’s over 3000 delegates and 100 of the world’s water press agencies. This opportunity to both get the word out about eco action games on a global stage, and for Arup to cement its credentials as a company that is serious about water conservation, is a massive marketing and PR win-win for both organisations.



Argos Staff Engagement programme

As part of Argos’s new CSR internal staff engagement programme we worked with their CSR team to create a bespoke set of our games to inject some fun and interaction into their CSR training programme.  We worked closely with the team to take our existing office themed version of our games and to create a bespoke version of them that suited Argos’ business requirements. Out of this collaboration emerged  a bespoke ‘Argos eco actions’ set of eco action trump cards, that reflected the branding and business activities of the company, using their brand colours and creating an Argos eco world scene for the card pack and back of each card. We also created a bespoke snakes + ladders board that depicted the simple actions staff could do at work to reduce the environmental footprint of the company.


Brockwell Park Lido Fun Palace 2014 (2015 & 2016)

On a weekend in October 2014, an explosion of Fun Palaces popped up all over the country in memory of the radical, left-wing playwright Joan Littlewood’s centenary.  As part of the celebration and to add support to our local Fun Palace, we popped up an eco action playground at Brockwell Lido. As we were on the banks of the Lido, we decided a water themed playground would be the most appropriate and we were lucky enough to get sponsored by Thames Water, so we could give out lots of water saving goodies to the people who took part too.  It was a glorious day and we had hundreds of people participate in our games through the day.  We did an evaluation of the learnings from the day and the report can be freely downloaded from our Reports page here.  The Fun Palace movement was an amazing success and is now in its 3rd year, so we have popped up again in 2015 and 2016.


Thames Water Efficiency Schools Programme 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17

For the last three school years, Thames Water has commissioned eco action games, in conjunction with its delivery partner company Green Gumption, to carry out a water education and efficiency  project in a total of over 75 schools in London. Focusing mainly on primary schools, it also included a number of secondary schools too. To download a summary of this project click here.

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