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How to encourage eco behavioural change at the touch of a smart phone

Launching in Climate Week 2014, we are ecstatically proud to announce the release of our first mobile App casual game.  A free download is available from iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We have taken the traditional, old-style top trump style game and given it a 21st century make-over, digitising it and adding some fun new features. It’s not only an addictive, simple game to pass the time; it also houses a clever behavioural change tool that encourages players to take action based on the ‘cards’ in the pack, showing them just how much they can save, via their own personal ‘eco action’ dashboard.

It’s simplicity itself to master.  Once you have set up your own eco avatar, you browse the eco actions to see which ones you already do, or would like to adopt.  You then choose them for your own ‘actions dashboard’ and marvel at all the energy, carbon emissions, resources and money you will save!

You then take on one of three online opponents in a choice of two trump style games. After challenging them to ‘eco duels’ you can check how you rate on the Leaderboard.

Founder and CFO (Chief Fun Officer) of eco action games, Dr Paula Owen, says: “People have been asking us for some time when are we going to digitise our games, well now we have!  It will expand the reach of our games immensely, and we are very excited to get feedback from our players on how they get on trying to beat their online opponents.

She goes on to say: “Our objective is to keep the game completely free to use, with absolutely no In-App Purchases which we believe to be a real downside to online gaming. We want to unlock more eco themed packs, and continue the journey we are taking our players on.  To achieve this we are looking for sponsors to help us develop new themed packs and to expand to Android and Windows smart phones. Sponsors will get their logo on the ‘packs’ and on the back of every ‘card’.  They will also get the warm glow that comes of being part of a new, socially & environmentally beneficial new initiative.”

New eco themed packs will include: water saving, free behavioural actions, energy saving, waste & recycling, office related actions and even an eco-parenting theme.

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