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So, we are all feeling a little bit hopeless and forlorn at the moment – right? Still battling to get through the stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & Acceptance but kinda stuck at the Anger stage? That feeling of helplessness in the face of a global calamity, the thought that there was nothing anyone […] Read more

Olympics of Water Saving

For the second year running, eco action games showcased at the international conference and expo World Water Week in Stockholm. World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe’s water community and we were lucky enough to be sponsored by ARUP again to bring our water themed eco games to the world stage! […] Read more

On Thursday night Paula and I returned from an extremely eventful 4 days at COP21. There were some brilliant highs but also some infuriating and hilarious lows, which tested our resilience (as opposed to our day 1 of COPmas theme –  the resilience of the planet!) to new, uncharted levels. First, the lows…..On arriving in Paris late Monday […] Read more

We have just returned to eco trump towers after a wonderful week of watery playgrounds at the international World Water Week conference in Stockholm. We were able to attend the conference thanks to the kind sponsorship and support of Arup, and were hosted by the event organisers SIWI (Swedish International Water Institute). The photo to the right shows our […] Read more

On a very rainy Friday in July eco action games popped up a playground at the Horniman Museum. We had a wonderful day with a full to bursting playground of families sheltering from the wet weather and learning lots about how to use water wisely (even though it seemed like we had it in abundance […] Read more

House of Commons’ eco action playground

On the 15th July 2015 eco action games popped up a playground in our most prestigious venue yet, the House of Commons! In partnership with the Sustainability Hub, and sponsored by Carillion, the event was a great success with a range of distinguished guests including Lords, MPs, Parliamentary Groups, corporate representatives through to student interns. In the […] Read more

In March, eco action games popped up a playground at the Lib Dem Spring Conference in Liverpool. It was a fantastic weekend for us with an exceptional response from an impressive selection of MPs, Ministers, Councillors, a Lady Mayoress, Lords and Baronesses. The Liberal Democrat upcoming manifesto will include plans for five new green laws to protect […] Read more

Fun & Games are on the move! How to encourage eco behavioural change at the touch of a smart phone Launching in Climate Week 2014, we are ecstatically proud to announce the release of our first mobile App casual game.  A free download is available from iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We have taken the traditional, old-style […] Read more

fun CAN save the planet!

Launching today, a report into the findings of a ground-breaking research study that has proved we really can play our way to a more sustainable future. Our ‘eco gamers’ have already saved half a tonne of carbon emissions each with another half tonne of savings planned. Dr Paula Owen, a GLA/ London Sustainable Development Commission London […] Read more

Another night at the Museum

Last week we were invited back to the Science Museum to take part in their  ‘Lates’ night. As the theme this month was climate science and what could be done to prevent climate change, the team at the  Museum though our educational eco games would fit in perfectly. So we were given the appropriate title of ‘the Climate Playground’ and gallery space to […] Read more

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