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If you require a version of one of our existing games that more reflects your business operations, the aims of your staff engagement programme, or your particular outreach activity goals, then we can create a bespoke version of any of our games to suit your needs. For our clients Carillion, Argos, Mayor of London, Sainsbury’s and Ecotricity for eg, we created versions of eco action trumps (now known as toppers) and eco action snakes + ladders that more reflect their businesses and the outcomes they are aiming for.

bespoke games images


With Argos retail group, we created their very own set of eco action trumps (now known as toppers), which was to be used as part of their new CSR staff engagement programme, that reflected their needs as a high street retailer. We used our standard ‘office themed’ set as the basis, but then altered the cards to more reflect a retail environment and added some particular cards that Argos required. We changed the colour scheme to match the Argos brand, and created an ‘eco world’ scene which included the Argos store and their staff in uniform. We also created a bespoke version of our eco action snakes + ladders for Argos for use at events. Below you will see examples of the Argos pack and the detailing of the cards.


We customised our range of food waste games for Sainsbury’s proejct ‘Waste less save money’ that they piloted in Swadlincote in 2016.  We re-coloured our games to match Sainsbury’s corporate colours and tweaked the messaging and designs to be in line with the project. Examples of the games are shown in the montage picture above.

Mayor of London’s Vehicle Idling Action campaign

We created bespoke games for our involvement in the Vehicle Idling Campaign that was carried out across 12 London boroughs in 2016/17.  We bespoked our air quality snakes & ladders game to become more focused on engine idling to suit the purposes of the campaign.  Each borough received a giant version of the game and also the table top sized version to give out to the public at the events. Below you will see a photograph of the giant game in action at an event in Brixton, south London.

mayor of london air quality idling snakes + ladders game in action

Contact us here if you want to discuss your needs for a bespoke games version of our range of games.

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