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about us – eco action games

This section tells you a little more about our social enterprise company – eco action games and our ethos, mission and vision. We are not a charity, which means we have to earn every penny we make and stand on our own two feet as regards to financial sustainability, so far all profit has gone back into the company to develop more games and themes.

eco action games started out in 2013 with our launch event at the Science Museum London, where we showcased our giant games for the first time.  Since then we have run 100s of events in the most unusual of venues including the Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Manchester United grounds – Old Trafford and many more.

Despite our playful title – eco action games, our primary audience and our focus is on the education of adults regarding environmental actions. After all, it’s adults that make most of the decisions and display more of the environmentally unfriendly behaviours that we are seeking to change, but children make great recruits to our cause my nagging their parents into action.

We have a range of games, in a bigger range of eco themes, ten in total, to suit all pockets, abilities and ages. We work with companies big and small, charities, not for profits and local and central government departments.

We work with our partners and clients to create unusual, interactive and fun events that are also very effective at getting our environmental messages across to adults and children alike.

You can also find out about the team behind the fun, view our picture gallery and video library to get more of an idea of what we do and how we do it.

Links to all of our fabulous press coverage can also be found here.

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