Eco Action Research Report

fun & games do save the planet

Thoughout 2013, the fun & games team has been putting on events, workshops, playgrounds and sessions for people of all ages and walks of life. Over this time we have entertained around 1000 people with familiar, ‘old-school’ games with an eco-twist.

As well as entertaining people we have been also testing out our new theory. This theory is set to turn the current paradigm of ‘misery messaging’ and doom & gloom communications on its head.  We have been testing a new approach that we can educate, engage and inspire people into action by tapping into their competitve spirit and persuading them to play their way to a more sustainable lifestyle.

The data anaysis from the feedback forms we collected at events has now been completed and we have launched the report of our findings.

The results are impressive. Over half of all participants, 51%, stated they were going to adopt new eco actions as a result of attending the event and the average number of actions was three. Over 90% of all attendees enjoyed the event and the games they played. Two thirds learnt something new and useful about environmental actions they could adopt that they were taking back to their home and office environments. In the follow-up surveys, undertaken some months after the events, all  respondents reported they had already taken action and the average number of actions had increased to four, with another two planned.

On average, each respondent had saved around half a tonne of carbon emissions through the actions they have already undertaken. If they went on to complete their extra planned actions, the average saving by each attendee would be over one tonne of carbon emissions each year.

Please note: some people have difficulty downloading this file, it depends on the version of Adobe reader installed, if you are having trouble with the download, please contact us here and we will email you a copy directly.

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