Claim your free pack of eco action trumps NOW – dump trump


As part of our eco action (dump) trump rebranding campaign, we are offering  – until stock runs out – everybody one* FREE pack of our eco action trumps card game as a 2017 giveaway.  All we ask is for you to cover P&P

Read the story of why we are forced to rebrand in our blogpost ‘The kids are revolting’ HERE

Dump Trump via our Free game giveaway

We are dumping trump with your help

To claim your FREE pack, choose your geographical location & pay the P&P cost via Paypal.  We’ll then get your free game in the post to you pronto.

Claim your pack early so you aren’t disappointed.  You never know, these might become rare collector’s items in the future.

Whoops! It has come to our attention that the man himself has gotten wind of our cunning plan. We have been leaked an early draft of his video response. Click HERE to see what he has to say about it. All we can say is he is not happy, not happy at all!!

Please select the region where you want us to send the pack to:
Where did you hear about this?

And if one pack just isn’t enough for you, we are selling in multiples of 10 for £2 per pack, plus postage. So if you want to get your hands on a pile before they disappear forever, contact us HERE, tell us how many and which themes you would like (while we have the themes in stock) and we can give you a price and postage cost

We’re in the news!

The media has really got behind our cunning plan. On the 29 November when we went public with the story, and the BBC News online ran the story, read it here , it remained the 5th Most Read article on the site for the day – which amused us no end.

The story was also featured on the BBC radio news, on Radio 2 here (1 hr 2 mins 4 secs in) and Radio 6Music here (1 hr 32 mins 20 secs in)

And even the big boys of the playground, Top Trumps, felt obliged to put out statements on Twitter to say that no, they were not changing their brand name! Incredible!