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Welcome to the 12 days of COPmas

Over the 12 days of COP21 negotiations in Paris (30 Nov – 11 Dec), we will run a daily campaign to highlight an important theme, of direct relevance to COP21, and explain it in simple, everyday terms.

However, as we are eco ACTION games, we are also keen to highlight what actions citizens, civil society and corporates can take to be part of the solution and to help the fight again climate change. So each day will contain suggestions of practical, doable ideas that we all can adopt to show the governments at COP21 that we are all playing our part.

We finish each day’s campaign with a thought piece blogpost, written in conjunction with our campaign partner for that theme, that investigates the topic in more detail and highlights an aspect of what success could look like for that topic.  Our partners and media supporters include the following companies & organisations:

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